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Arte Moooi

Arte The Extinct Animals Wallpapers

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Arte The Extinct Animals wallcoverings are inspired by Moooi’s Museum of Extinct Animals. An unusual diverse collection of wallcovering designs that celebrates nature’s diversity, stimulating to stretch the limits of imagination, with each pattern is inspired by the characteristics of one extinct animal.

Like Aristo Quagga which is a printed wallcovering with a flock finish, inspired by the delicate features and royal appearance of the Aristo Quagga. Also Dodo Pavone a 3D wallcovering with a soft suede look, inspired by the Dodo Pavone’s natural outfit a soft plumage of silvery feathers with different nuances of grey, blue, beige and white. The Bearded Leopard is a foil based wallcovering lined with cork and a flock finish, based on the fur of the Bearded Leopard with colours of pale yellow to deep gold, and a dark constellation of rosebuds adorning it. Perhaps the most recognisable design from the range is the Menagerie of Extinct Animals a fantastic fauna print that is digitally printed on soft touch textile with a non-woven backing in which each of the 10 extinct animals are mysteriously hidden.

These Arte Wallpaper designs have striking colour combinations, and each designs takes an element of an extinct animal's pattern of its fur, plumage or skin and then brings it vividly back to life in the design potentially for your walls. Where some designs narrate a story, others stimulate our senses using imagery and textures be sure to consider the Moooi The Extinct Animals collection in association with Arte.

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