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Arte Timber

Arte Timber Wallpapers

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Arte Timber Wallpaper range explores wood and the beauty that lies in its simplicity and pure nature, through the visible grains and traces of knots. These wood wallcoverings in the Timber collection are made exclusively of Paulownia wood that has been processed with care and craftsmanship to pronounce the natural beauty of this authentic, sophisticated and sustainable material.

Four designs can be found with Formation perhaps being the most eye catching design with a mosaic of hexagonal shapes filled with various wood fragments, contrasting colours and varying shapes to create a real interesting pattern. Trapeze takes rectangles made from wood fragments, inlaid on metal foil, to provide a sophisticated finish without compromising on the distinctively natural look & feel of the wood. Grain combines wood fragments from different parts of the same tree to create a collage of perfect squares. Elements completes the range with a pattern that is a combination of flat surfaces and raised bars in a contrasting colour. A collection of luxury wood wallcoverings that brings both sophistication and depth of character to interior walls when used, explore these Arte wallcoverings online.

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